We recently undertook a major renovation project in our house here in downtown Cody. While our contractor had laid out the basic footprint of the new bathroom, closet and master bedroom expansion and guest bath renovation, we wanted help refining the details of the new and renovated spaces. Ours is an old house built in 1911 and we wanted to stay true to its character but not sacrifice modern conveniences. A mutual friend suggested that we contact Yancy Bonner of Yancy Interiors for help with the project.

We met with Yancy at our house to show her the areas where we needed her help. She immediately grasped what we were trying to accomplish and it was clear that we had found the right person to work with. Within a few days, Yancy had provided us with design suggestions for each space as well as tile, fixture and lighting recommendations. Her experience with older houses and her talent with color and design gave us just what we were looking for. Also, as we were not in Cody while the renovations were happening, Yancy worked well with our contractor and helped us by providing another set of local ‘eyes on the project.’

We love the results we achieved with Yancy’s expert help. The new spaces blend beautifully with the old house and are both functional and lovely.
— Laura and Al Swett, Cody, Wyoming


What started out as a consult for paint colors, turned out to be much more. We had originally sought the help of an interior designer in Billings, MT, but after realizing the logistical difficulties associated with a company located 90 miles from where we lived, we took a chance on a new, local designer.

We met with Yancy for the first time and realized that she would be able to help us through every step of the design process. Yancy was so much fun to work with. She brought an exciting energy to our main floor remodel and we knew our project was in professional and very capable hands.

Yancy took the time to listen to our needs and find her role in our project, and she was very respectful of our budget. She allowed us to do much of the sourcing/shopping ourselves while providing guidance and honest opinions on items we found prior to purchasing. Yancy was always available to offer help and direction whenever something came up that needed immediate attention.

Yancy was able to make every step a much more pleasant and less anxious experience. She had the big picture in mind and helped guide us through the many decisions to achieve the final project that we both love!

Yancy was very easy to work with. She was attentive, flexible, and professional, and she always had our best interest as her priority. I am grateful for her expertise, and we would not hesitate to work with her again.
— Cathi and Rick Brasher, Cody, Wyoming

Connie and I began an extensive home rehab project in March of 2019. Our first step was to invite Yancy Bonner of Yancy Interiors + Home to tour the house to give her the opportunity to see it as it was and to hear our ideas for what we hoped to achieve. After that tour, Yancy contacted me and asked if I was certain we really wanted to take on the task. She had justifiable doubts about the house being worth the investment at which we were looking. I assured her we did, and we were prepared for what might lie ahead.

From that moment on she was beside us guiding us with design decisions including color palette, furniture upholstery fabric choices, lighting choices, and art selection and placement. Throughout the project, Yancy was readily accessible and responsive as situations required advice and sometimes a bit of change in course.

Today, the result we have is extraordinary and the house is truly transformed. Our goal was to have a crisp contemporary look that embraced the refinished and reupholstered antique furniture and offered a living space which allowed for private reading and sitting areas while also accommodating larger groups for conversation and dining. Yancy’s suggested color scheme is perfect, her choices for lampshades brought forward an array of antique lamps to make a perfect complement to the fresh and welcoming atmosphere of the remodeled home. Her help in choosing art work and its placement was invaluable, and the resultant space is exactly what we had hoped for at the outset.

In another year, we are planning to remodel a smaller home for our retirement, and when we are ready to begin that project, Yancy will again be our first professional contact.
— Jay and Connie Moody, Cody, Wyoming

Our master bathroom needed a makeover. We were frustrated with the lack of space/poor use of space and how outdated every part of our bathroom seemed. When I walked into our master bath, all I could see was what was wrong with it. I couldn’t imagine any arrangement of this space in a new way.

My husband and I engaged the services of Yancy Dearinger Bonner at Yancy Interiors + Home to help us create a new space. Yancy spent time talking with us, getting to know us, looking at each room in our house, listening to us describe what we would like and the elements that nurture us and make our space a home. Yancy designed a master bath for us that far exceeded our expectations. Her design was on point, thoughtful, reasonable, and exactly what we hoped for.

We have a master bath that is spacious, elegant, and functional, including cabinet space we were sorely lacking. We have many more home projects to look toward, and Yancy will be the first person we call. Her work is excellent and we would highly recommend her!
— Susan and Jim McEvoy, Powell, Wyoming